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Previous Editions

A Treasury of Regrets

Susanne Alleyn

Originally published in hardcover (2007) by St. Martin's Press

Historical Mystery

(Aristide Ravel Mysteries #4)

For police investigator Aristide Ravel, the teeming streets of postrevolutionary Paris are a constant source of activity. And in the unruly climate of 1797, when gold and food are scarce, citizens will stop at little to get what they need. 

When illiterate servant Jeannette Moineau is accused of poisoning her master, Ravel cannot believe she is guilty. With stubborn witnesses, a mysterious white powder, and stolen goods all stacked against her, however, he knows it will not be easy to clear her of the charges. But he finds an unexpected ally in Laurence, a young widow of the house, whose past surprisingly intersects with his own.

In a large household overcome with bickering and resentment, everyone seems to have a motive for poisoning old Martin Dupont. Ravel and Laurence probe the secrets of the city’s crafty politicians and confidence artists for clues, but as more family members turn up dead, the list of suspects rapidly dwindles...

"Alleyn skillfully depicts her characters' flaws and strengths while plotting a fine puzzle mystery. If your patrons enjoy historicals and have not yet discovered Alleyn, put her latest on the must-read list."

Library Journal (starred review)

Treasury is also on Library Journal's list of the best genre fiction of 2007.

"Alleyn brings the period to life through nomenclature (the Republican 10-day week, for example) and a tidy subplot involving a deceased friend from Ravel's past. This is an excellent choice for mystery fans and for supplemental reading that supports both history and French culture curricula."

School Library Journal

"That the reader is in the hands of an author interested in immaculate historical detail and accuracy is evidenced from page 1."


"A Treasury of Regrets combines the best in history and mystery. Rather than treating revolutionary Paris simply as window-dressing, Alleyn makes good use of the historical setting, both in creating her plot and in creating her characters, several of whom have lost loved ones to the guillotine. The mystery itself is artfully plotted and compelling; I was in due suspense as to whodunit."

-- The Historical Novels Review

Trade Paperback and eBook

November 2014

260 pp.

Paperback List: US$13.99

eBook List : $3.99


ISBN-13: 978-1503203617

ISBN-10: 1503203611

Buy the paperback new at and get the Kindle version free via Amazon's Kindle MatchBook program. This offer is retroactive—if you already bought the paperback new at Amazon, you can still get the free eBook for your Kindle. Or buy the paperback as a gift for a friend and keep the eBook for yourself.

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