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Brian E. Strayer


Despite writing the fractured footnotes in Romans Were Known for Their Aquaducks, Brian Strayer actually has three bona fide degrees in history from Southern Adventist University (B.A., 1973), Andrews University (M.A., 1974), and the University of Iowa (Ph.D., 1987). He has taught history to junior high, high school, college, and graduate school students. He is the author of eight books and scores of articles on such obscure groups as the Huguenots, Jansenists, and Adventists and such grisly topics as the prisons, police, and methods of torture and execution in Old Regime France.

Professor Strayer delights in studying the "twilight zone" in which past and present overlap—a zone in which you can never be certain whether you are on Planet Earth, Middle-Earth, Narnia, Perelandra, or with Alice in Wonderland. Those who read his delightful collection of student bloopers will find that history, herstory, and hysteria often coexist and that the past is always present!

Other works by Brian E. Strayer

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