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Game of Patience

Susanne Alleyn

Originally published in hardcover (2006) by St. Martin's Press

Historical Mystery

(Aristide Ravel Mysteries #3)

Paris, 1796. Aristide Ravel, freelance undercover police agent and investigator, is confronted with a double murder in a fashionable apartment. The victims are Célie Montereau, the daughter of a wealthy and influential family, and the man who was blackmailing her.

Rosalie Clément, an enigmatic, bitter young woman, provides information that steers Ravel toward a young man with a violent past who was in love with Célie, but further inquiry reveals that—according to an eyewitness—he cannot have been her murderer. And recent, notorious miscarriages of justice lead Ravel, beset with fears of sending an innocent person to the guillotine, to doubt his instincts. From the gritty back alleys of Paris to its glittering salons and cafés, through the heart of the feverish, decadent society of postrevolutionary France, his investigation leads him into a puzzle involving hidden secrets, crimes of passion, and long-nurtured hatreds.

"Alleyn returns to postrevolutionary Paris in her second novel, a taut police procedural. ... Full of authentic historical detail, ranging from the rise of General Bonaparte to the antics of flamboyant incroyables, the story builds to an emotionally charged climax...."

Publishers Weekly

"Susanne Alleyn's Game of Patience is a well-crafted historical mystery, authentic in every detail. Wonderfully entertaining."

Sandra Gulland, author, The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.

"... Grounded by a complex, haunted hero, the suspense in this layered mystery builds slowly but reaches a breakneck speed."


"... This is a true puzzle mystery, with the detective reexamining the facts several times until the solution is found. Alleyn knows her French Revolution, creates a complex brain-teaser of a mystery, and excels in making her characters believable. In short, this book has everything; recommended."

Library Journal

Trade Paperback and eBook

October 2014

264 pp

Paperback List: $13.99

eBook List: $3.99

Paper edition:

ISBN-10: 1502463709

ISBN-13: 978-1502463708

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