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Other Editions

Palace of Justice

Susanne Alleyn

Originally published in hardcover (2010) by St. Martin's Press

Historical Mystery

(Aristide Ravel Mysteries #2)

Louis XVI is in his grave, and Marie-Antoinette is on her way to trial. Paris is hungry, restless, and fearful in the autumn of 1793, and the guillotine’s blade is beginning to fall daily on the necks of enemies of the French Republic. Not even members of the republican government are safe from the threat of the Revolutionary Tribunal, where the only sentence for the guilty is death.

In this atmosphere of distrust and anxiety, police agent Aristide Ravel, while coming to terms with personal tragedy, must stop a ruthless killer who is terrorizing the city. Ravel soon learns, however, that hunting a murderer who strikes at random and leaves headless corpses on the streets, paralleling the ever more numerous victims of the guillotine, is a task that will lead him to dark, painful secrets and echoes from an even darker past.

"Alleyn brilliantly captures the paranoid spirit of the times, and inserts enough twists to keep most readers guessing."

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"A fiendishly clever and compelling mystery set in a grim, gripping vision of Paris where there is no justice, only shades of gray."

Kirkus Reviews

"Alleyn's superb series will appeal to mystery readers who want brilliant characterization, an authentic historical setting, and a sense that they are walking the dark streets of Paris with Ravel during the Reign of Terror."

Library Journal (Starred Review)

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Trade Paperback and eBook

November 2015

6" x 9", 278 pages

Paperback List: $13.99

eBook List: $3.99

Paper edition:

ISBN-10: 1502857553

ISBN-13: 978-1502857552


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